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Abby Hastings

National Secretary

Apart from being Polish, there’s a lot more to Julia.

Julia has been an active member of the SNP since only early 2017, but in that time, she has shown her confidence, passion and work ethic in all areas of her activism. 

Being an immigrant, the issue of equality is extremely close to her. With immigration being her main area of focus. Julia, at 17 years of age, proposed the first motion on the devolution of immigration to Scotland to Conference. She is active in SNP BAME, and is the Women’s Officer for the group, as she believes that more women, especially from BAME backgrounds need to be seen and heard in the world of politics.

She is a feminist who believes strongly in women’s rights and who is not scared to speak her mind. She will work as hard as she can to get her voice heard, as well as voices of those who may have been silenced in the past. Julia was the Women’s Officer in her Branch, before getting elected as Secretary. 

Through having a difficult past, and through volunteering work alongside individuals with drug problems and ACEs, she obtained an understanding of differences between various groups in society.

Furthermore, she has won multiple debating and public speaking competitions, and has coached young people in the area too. 

Julia is also a member of the Disciplinary Committee of the SNP, as she believes that discipline is vital to keep society fair.