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Alasdair Coupar

Disabilities Caucus Leader

Alasdair is an 18 years old student at Glasgow university who is currently studying history and politics. He joined the party in August 2018 but has supported the party since the referendum in 2014. Alasdair has been battling a stammer since he was aged 5 and this had inspired and driven him to run and get elected as the National Disability Officer for the SNP Students. 

Alasdair has recently been working very closely with the Scottish Stammering Network (SSN) to promote stammering both at his university but also with the aim of taking it this issue to a bigger stage and campaigning to raise awareness.

Alasdair is looking forward to working with those who identify with having a disability and getting to understand their own personal struggles and concerns. He is determined and dedicated in his vision of making the SNP Students as inclusive and welcoming as possible for everyone and is willing to put in the hard work to make this a reality.