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Anita Cornelli

Women's Caucus Leader

Anita Cornelli is a second-year student at the University of Stirling, were she studies International Politics and Spanish. 

Anita joined SUSNA (Stirling University Scottish Nationalist Association) at the beginning of 2018. Being part of SUSNA introduced her to network of likeminded people, and she quickly felt at home. Soon after, she became a fully member of the SNP.

For her the SNP represents a progressive party focused on inclusivity, diversity and equality. Moreover, as an EU student from Italy, Anita was pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome she received by party members and her fellow students, in contrast to the current toxic Brexit climate. 

Anita is ready and willing to contribute to the party which shares her values of tolerance, mutual respect and the equality, by fulfilling the role of Women’s Caucus Leader.  

Anita is also passionate about the SNP’s primary aim of standing up for Scotland’s interests, and achieve Independence, as she recognises that there is something unique about Scotland from rest of the UK, having previously lived in the rest of the UK.

She is a pound new member of our party and is looking forward to standing up for the interests of all women and society at large.