Ruairidh Gilchrist


Ruairidh joined the SNP in 2016 being one of the many young people inspired by the Independence movement to become politically active. Joining Forth Branch in Edinburgh, Ruairidh was elected as Youth Officer at the end of 2016 and later as Organiser in 2017 for his local branch, helping to organise both the Council and General Elections in the Edinburgh Northern and Leith constituency.

Alongside his activism in his local branch, Ruairidh was also involved with the Young Scots for Independence in the Lothian Association, serving as both the Vice Convener and Organiser for this association. 

Ruairidh first got involved with the SNP Students when he was elected as National Organiser in the July 2018 National Conference. In this role, he has focused on developing an efficient campaigning strategy for future elections and listening to the membership’s views on campaigning. 

Ruairidh is currently studying a Law LLB degree at the University of Dundee and plays an active role in the Dundee University Student Nationalist Society as the society’s secretary.

Outside of campaigning strategy, Ruairidh’s main interests in the SNP also include including policy-making regarding education and opportunities for young people and is a supporter of the SNP CND, SNP friends of Palestine, SNP Friends of Catalonia and Republic.

Alongside his interest in politics, Ruairidh is a member of his University’s badminton club and a keen debater, being a member of both the Dundee Debating Society and Mooting Society. He also partakes in a number of charitable activities as a member of the Dundee University Against Poverty Society.