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SNP Students 50:50 Campaign

By Caitlin Keeper

For too long, people have talked about problems with gender balance across politics and yet, no solution has adequately addressed this issue. Now is time to act.
I am proud that SNP Students have launched this active 50/50 campaign to increase female participation within our organisation and across the SNP.
Women make up approximately half the world's population and therefore it is pivotal that our input is equal to that of men. As politics is continually changing, more so now than ever before, the importance of female participation needs to be emphasised. This would allow policies to be more accurately shaped around our whole population. On a smaller scale, female participation within SNP Students will do exactly this, and will also provide a healthy balance which is more representative of our membership.
  We know an improved gender balance will have a positive impact on SNP Students and allow us to progress by developing more ideas and educating our membership from equal perspectives. 
  As Vice Convener I will do all within my power to provide the encouragement and support that any woman within SNP Students may need. Join our campaign to help us achieve our gender equality goals! 
Contact us by emailing to participate in the 50/50 campaign, write for our blog, or to find out more.



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