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SNP Students 50:50 Campaign

By Stephanie Melnick

When I first became involved in politics during the independence referendum campaign, I was immediately conscious of the gender imbalance at events, particularly those involving campaigning. On several occasions I was the only woman in attendance. This imbalance is also noticeable in parliament - only 35% of MSPs are women, and 32% of MPs - and that meagre figure is a record high for Westminster.
With these clear imbalances, it is easy to see why many women are turned off of politics - it is still dominated by men in suits. Things need to change. As young female students, we need to pave the way for a better future by participating in politics and changing the culture which repeatedly produces lines of men in suits.
If you are a woman who has been considering getting involved, but are worried about making the leap, I’d like to assure you that I’ve been involved in SNP Students for years, and the organisation is very friendly and welcoming.
It may seem daunting at first to take part in such a male-dominated aspect of society, but for every woman who participates now, we make it easier for the next. Women who get involved now will be the role models for the next generation of women. Progress does not happen overnight, and it is up to all of us to engage with politics and push for change.



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