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SNP Students 50:50 Campaign

By Mhairi Burnett

The world of politics can seem extremely daunting at first, especially as a woman stepping into a role on an ‘all male’ committee. Initially I was quite anxious to be the only female representative on the committee for SNP Strathclyde, this led me to question, why this was the case? What was stopping more young female students getting more involved with politics?
I have friends who will fully support the SNP in elections and agree with their policies but they are unwilling to make that further step to become active within the party. Prior to the council elections this year, I went campaigning for the first time. I discovered that being active within a political party and promoting candidates is not as daunting as I first imagined. I was surrounded by fellow young activists who helped to guide and support me throughout the afternoon. I am really keen to share this experience with other female students and encourage them to become active within the society as I believe it is a really rewarding thing to do.
SNP Students is full of friendly and supportive individuals, and the community feel is a quality that should be emphasised when trying to inspire young women to get involved. There is something very powerful in creating friendships and connections with people who hold like-minded opinions in regards to politics and the SNP.
I feel in this ever expanding climate of equality we need to motivate more young women to step forward in an attempt to create a fairer gender balance. In my position as Women’s Officer, I am excited to meet new people and try to promote what it means to be involved in SNP Students.



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