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SNP Students 50:50 Campaign

By Julia Stachurska

As a young woman, who originally comes from Poland, I can say that the 50/50 campaign launched by SNP Students is one that is incredibly amazing and empowering in all aspects of it, as its aim is to encourage women to get more involved in politics, and increase female representation in the party.
I’m currently in my 6th year of high school (finally!), and I am also one of the two individuals in the school which are a part of a political party. In the past years, the political spotlight in the school was on three males, which was truly unfair, as well as a real petty for those like me who just wished they could get noticed for what they do, and were clearly better at it, without any gender bias at all. But with that being said, I now get invited to political literacy teacher meetings (cool eh?), so look how that’s turned around in the space of 6 months.
Being a young woman wanting to work in politics is difficult in general, but coming from a country where women practically did not exist in politics until a few years ago, it’s amazing to see how much progress Scotland has made in the matter. I’m proud to be part of a party, and proud to live in a country where we now have Scotland's first cabinet with an equal number of women and men. THAT is the progress we want to make, and will make across all areas. Being the Women’s Officer for Motherwell and Wishaw constituency branch has taught me that women do want to get their point across, and will get their point across, however there is always pressure on women, in the sense that men always seem to give us “constructive criticism”, which to most of us is not that at all, but instead it’s pure sexism. We will stand for elections, we will get elected and we will make sure that everyone in our communities, constituencies and countries is truly equal. The 50/50 campaign wants to encourage women to work towards achieving that equality, so with that I urge all girls and ladies to fight for what we need, and make sure we get our voices heard, as that is the root of equality.
You can contact us by emailing to participate in the 50/50 campaign, write for our blog, or to find out more.
Join our campaign to help us achieve our gender equality goals!
**SNP Students 50/50 campaign excludes no male, female or person of other/ no gender from our organisation. The campaign purely focuses on the fact that males have been the majority gender across politics for a long time, and aims to increase female participation to an equal level.**



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