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Now more than ever Scotland needs a voice

By David Buckley

Well, that's that. After 7 weeks of almost-uninterrupted campaigning, the United Kingdom will tomorrow go to the polls.
The choice before the country is one between an increasingly more right-wing, isolationist Conservative Party and a more progressive option in the form of the Scottish National Party, or (applicable to voters in England only) Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party.
While I still hope that Corbyn will win throw in the end, I remain doubtful. Despite rapidly closing the gap with the Tories, Corbyn and Labour have failed to take the lead in a single poll. We must unfortunately prepare ourselves for the worst.
I fully expect that Theresa May's ploy has worked; and that in just 36 hours, we will be witnessing a Conservative landslide across the United Kingdom. Whether or not this will actually strengthen her hand in the Brexit negotiations is neither here nor there. The resultant majority government will continue to foist their inhumane policies upon the weakest and most vulnerable in our society, despite the best efforts of those here in Scotland.
Now is not the time to feel downhearted however; for we do have the chance to send a strong message to Westminster and the rest of the world that we do not choose this government for ourselves. We can send a maximum of 59 SNP MPs to Westminster in the sure knowledge that they will only ever represent the people of Scotland. That may not sound like much, but we cannot allow ourselves to return to the Scotland of 2014, with Scottish Labour and Conservative MPs frequently supporting or abstaining on policies which hammered their constituents hardest.
The simple, honest truth is that Labour have failed to recover in Scotland, and so, by the brutal calculus of our First-Past-The-Post electoral system, a vote for Labour from prior SNP voters in certain seats runs a real risk of allowing the Tories to take seats across Scotland.
I am #SNPBecause in combating the Tories' vile Rape Clause, in mitigating the Bedroom Tax, by constantly holding the government to account while Labour tore itself apart, the SNP have shown themselves to be worthy of our support.
I am well aware that my words may ring hollow coming from the Convener of the SNP's Student wing, but I challenge you to find fault in my reasoning. The Conservatives will most likely increase their majority, and Corbyn faces a real risk of another coup following a defeat. Now more than ever, Scotland needs a voice. Vote SNP.



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