Stonger for Students

SNP Students has been around for decades working to make the lives of the people of Scotland, and students, better, more equal and fair. 



Home Rule for Scotland

Glasgow University Scottish Nationalist Association is founded. Future rector of the University of Glasgow, John MacCormick, founds GUSNA after leaving Glasgow University  Labour Club to campaign for Home Rule for Scotland. GUSNA is the oldest surviving  pro-independence organisation to this day.

7th April 1934

The Birth of a Party

The National Party of Scotland and the Scottish Party merge to form the new Scottish National Party. Former GUSNA members, including John MacCormick, are instrumental in the foundation of the SNP. 

25th December 1950

A Nation Awakens

Four Glasgow University students, including then GUSNA Vice President Ian Hamilton, break into Westminster Abbey to liberate Scotland’s Stone of Destiny. The Stone was returned to Scotland by the students following its theft by Edward I in 1296.


A Strong Voice for Students

The Federation of Student Nationalists is formed to be a strong, pro-independence voice for students in Scotland. Key founding figures in the birth of the FSN include Neil MacCormick and  Allan Macartney, who would both go on to be SNP Members of the European Parliament. Later, the FSN will rename itself to SNP Students.

2nd November 1967

Stop The World, Scotland Wants To Get On!

Winnie Ewing stuns the political world by storming to victory in the Hamilton by-election. Within 6 months of her sensational win, Tory Prime Minister Ted Heath committed the Tories to
devolution, and subsequently Labour PM Harold Wilson set up the Crowther Commission to investigate the need for devolution in Scotland and Wales. Winnie’s iconic phrase “Stop the world,  Scotland wants to get on.” still rings true today. 

10th October 1974


The SNP win 11 seats at Westminster and 30% of the vote across Scotland, the best result for the party to that date. By 1976, the SNP is kingmaker, and supporting the Labour government in
exchange for a referendum on devolution for Scotland. Due to Tory opposition, the bill’s passage is sluggish, but it is finally passed in 1978, leading to a vote on devolution in 1979. 

1st March 1979

A People Ignored

A Labour amendment to the Devolution Bill means 40% of all registered voters have to approve of devolution for it to happen. Despite 51.6% of Scots voting for a devolved parliament,
the amendment prevents Scotland getting that parliament. As a result, the SNP withdraws support for the Labour Government for ignoring the wishes of the people of Scotland

12th May 1999

"The Scottish Parliament, adjourned on the 25th day of March in the year 1707, is hereby reconvened"

A new chapter in Scotland’s history is written as Scotland’s Parliament reconvenes for the first time since 1707, following a referendum which saw 74% of Scots back devolution. Winnie
Ewing MSP, opens the Parliament with the phrase “The Scottish Parliament adjourned on the 25th day of March, in the year 1707, is here-by reconvened.”

3rd May 2007

A chance to prove ourselves

Scotland elects a new government as the SNP emerges as the largest party in parliament – with 47 seats to Labour’s 46. The first SNP Government is a minority administration, and one of its
first, and most transformative acts, is to abolish tuition fees for Scotland’s university students. 

18th September 2014

Scotland Speaks

Scotland takes part in the biggest democratic exercise in its history, with 85% of voters making their voices heard in the first independence referendum. Though Scotland does not vote for
independence, the result is much closer than Westminster hoped – with 45% of the country endorsing the idea. Within months of the defeat, SNP membership skyrockets to over 100,000.


A Nation on the brink of history

Scotland is closer to independence than ever before. The SNP won 80% of Scotland’s seats in the 2019 Westminster election, and a substantial majority of Scots back a second referendum on
independence. Since being removed from the European Union by Boris Johnson’s Tory Government in January 2020, support for independence has consistently polled in the majority;
most recently at 54%. Scotland is on the brink of independence.

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